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Hospital Information System
Hospital Information System

E-HAS: Enterprise Hospital Administration and Information System ,A next-generation MIS that is powerful, flexible & easy to use.

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Clinic Management System
Practice Management System for Doctors

eDoc is a business system for Doctor to manage there small clinics and patients data and invoices.

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IVF Systems
IVF-Fertility super speciality Management system

IVF- A super speciality Hospitals like Fertility centres and IVF based complete Management system and Patient EMR and Cycles.

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Logistic / courier System
Logistic / Courier Management and Billing

eLogistic : a product proven first class in market for logistic and courier management and billings automation.

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Gym Management System
Gym Management and Subscription billing System

iGYM: Enterprise GYM Complete Gym Management and Information Access System for Fitness organizations

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Order Management System
Order Management System

OMS : Order management and billing automation with shipment invoicing

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Hotel Management System
Hotel / Banquet Management system

eHotel : A robust system for any size of hotel with reservation, billing automation and room management.

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Food Listing System
Property and Lease Management System for Hostels , Hotels Ect

A business Suite to Manage properties , Tenants, Lease management and Billing , Search Engine for Hostels, Hotels ect

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Food Listing System
Food listing and Ordering System

VD: A restaurants and food listing and review Portal

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Food Listing System
ERP for Spice Industries

eSpice :An ERP for spice industries to manage there resources and other departments.

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ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning software development is what we are pioneer in.ERP software development for Domain or ERP module enchancement.We are here 24x7.

Business Development

Complex Software design for operating a single Business logic over hunderds of users accessing worldwide, we develop enterprise systems for research connects or business flow.

Enterprise Management Systems

Accessing various internet data , Managing automation of systems is all come under EMS.and we have developed some world class EMS for large corporations.

Group Institution - Corporation Business Software Planning

BPM - ERP Open source business process management software suite for SMEs that automates custom document-intensive, approval-based processes.

Commercial Applications

Developing e-Commerce site, Content management systems and various API for Payment Gateways we are available with pre-build Web Solutions.

Framework Development

We develop libraries for complex web applications and also use brands of various framework like zend,yii and code-igniter for developing seamless web application.

From simple web design to complex Cloud application.We build tailor made solutions as per Client Needs.
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