eClinic: Practice Management System For Doctors

The opportunities for automation in the physician practice have rapidly increased in recent years. From eligibility verification to claims submission and patient billing, many formerly manual, time-intensive administrative tasks can be streamlined and simplified with practice automation. With all types of automation, the right technology ensures a smooth transition to new work processes. In the case of automating a medical practice’s revenue cycle, the right practice management system (PMS) is key to leveraging the improved efficiencies offered by electronic transactions and workflows. PMS software organizes a practice’s administrative and billing functions and typically includes features such as:

Unique Features

  • Patient Portal with Login
  • Capturing patient demographics;
  • Appointment scheduling;
  • Patient pre-registration (including insurance eligibility and benefit checks);
  • Determining patient financial responsibility in order to collect payments at the point of care;
  • Maintaining lists of insurance payers;
  • Performing billing tasks; and
  • Generating administrative reports.
  • Book all patient appointments online
  • Speed up the check-in process by automatically inserting patient demographics into the patient record
  • Call or send reminder emails to patients to confirm appointments
  • Scan/archive all patient paper documents
  • Emailing capability automatically eliminates the need to scan/archive/organize emails sent to your system, letting you annotate the emails and attach it to patient records


  • Cloud Supported /Web Supported
  • Patient Centric
  • Automated Patient Movement and EMR Records
  • Innovative UI and simple to use
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Supported
  • Online/Offline or Cloud Supported
  • EMR to Clinic Analytics
  • Jquery / Ajax for Dynamic UI Experience
  • Boimetric / Barcode Scanner Supported

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