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A next-generation ERP that is powerful, flexible & easy to use and has been designed & developed to deliver real conceivable benefits
Online Bed Booking / Reservation system Student Space is advanced booking system.

Where should I live? What buildings have student specials? How early can I Sign in a lease? How does the waiting list work?

These were the simple questions that some of Student asked, but none could seemingly answer back Before. In short, Students needed a Website like StudentSpace. So, we created it–who better to understand the challenges and needs of students looking for a place to live ? StudentSpace – the only housing expert designed for students.

As one of the foremost student accommodation search engines, our goal is to help you find the best student accommodation accessible within the least amount of time. We realize how important it is to students that they find the right accommodation in order for them to relax and relish a full social and academic life. We offer a fully searchable database so that you can get detailed descriptions of properties that match your exact requirements.

We successfully help thousands of students find the right student accommodation each year, whether it is a hall room, shared house, student flat or bedsit. Maybe you're looking for family accommodation during your postgraduate studies? Whatever your needs, studentspace is on hand to help out!

Unique Features

  • Run on clouds /
    web server or local server
  • Barcode Supported
  • Student profile
  • Accounts Freezing and Renewals
  • Intranet Emails
  • Advanced Billing System
    with discounts, fees ect.
  • Property owner portal,accountant portal,
    manager portal,student portal,
    super admin portal etc.
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Supported
  • Complaints,Notice management
  • Manages 100,000+ students database
    with 500+ properties
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
    On income, students and rooms.
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Quotation managemnent
  • Complete student
    and accommodation management

Modules Highlights

  • Administration Panel
  • Management Panel
  • Student Panel
  • Accountant Panel
  • Student Dashboard
  • Advance Invoicing
  • Billings
  • Property management, billings,search engine
  • Student Complaint, notices, intranet emails
  • Advance Reporting and business inteligence
  • Student quatation management
  • Document Management System
  • Rooms / Beds /Property Management
  • System Analytics
  • Communication between managers/accountant and property owners
  • SMS
  • Extended Stays
  • Export Reports to PDF,CSV,Printing

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