Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is planned to manage all the information and functions of a business or company. Integration is an extremely important part to ERP’s. An ERP’s main goal is to put together all the data and processes from all areas of an organization and bring together it for easy access and work flow. This integration is achieved by creating one single database that employs multiple software modules providing different areas of an organization with various business functions.

Techdynamics’s strategy for delivering ERP programs for clients is, above all, business-value driven and structured to help clients in their journey to high performance. With a value-led, asset-powered approach, we start by pinpointing our clients’ widely varying business goals and value drivers. We design programs that are tightly aligned with client business objectives; drive towards tangible, measurable business results; and build the capabilities that allow them to sustain and extend business improvements.

Wherever clients are positioned in the ERP lifecycle, we deliver the highest quality ERP solutions through our ERP practitioners, market-leading assets and methodologies, investments in research and innovation and long-standing alliance with ERP. The essence of successful enterprise applications is that they support all parts of an organization or business. Therefore, there is an inherent need to approach them from a strategic and corporate perspective.
Techdynamics has developed a deep understanding of these domains & their respective challenges and can, thereby, help its customers deal with these challenges in the best possible way to suit their business scenario.

Our approach:

Our Strategy team delivers cross-functional services that bring an organizational perspective to planning and implementing enterprise applications. We provide strategic advice on enterprise applications and architectures, enterprise performance management, and mergers and acquisitions.

The benefits for our customers are:

> Strategies for implementing and maintaining technology built on enterprise application ‘cornerstones’.
> Consolidated enterprise-wide intelligence that allows informed corporate decisions.
> Business transformation programmes supported by enterprise applications.
> Cost-effective delivery and support mechanisms, whether within an acquisition or divestiture or as part of the evolution of a business operation.
> A totally integrated system.
> The ability to make more simple different processes and workflows.
> The ability to easily share data across various departments in an organization.
> Improved efficiency and productivity levels.
> Better tracking and forecasting.
> Lower costs.
> Improved customer service.

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