iGYM: Enterprise GYM Complete Gym Management and Information Access System

A next-generation MIS that is powerful, flexible & easy to use and has been designed & developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to Gym

iGym is an Online / Offline Gym Administration and Management Information System for Fitness organizations iGym have a capability of data warehousing and business intelligence for consistent growth of organization and system automation to significantly decrease manpower with greater accuracy. With responsive system first time used in any GYM system yet and Mobile / Tablet Versions supported iGym is Designed in such a way that it can support any type Gym house (From Small Gym to large chain for Gym's)With Online / Offline working capability.

iGym is a revolutionary solution with end-to-end features for simplifying Gym management all at a cost which provides the fastest ROI Access to the right information and the automation of complex tasks & work flow is the key focus of the iGym, enabling freeing the staff to spend more time on caring for patients and extending the reach of service

Unique Features

  • Run on clouds / web server or local server
  • Barcode Supported Auto Attendance
  • Member ID card Printing
  • Accounts Freezing and Renewals
  • Member ID card Printing
  • Advanced Billing System with discounts, fees ect.
  • Innovative UI and simple to use
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Supported
  • Birthday Management
  • Manages Small Gym to Enterprise Chains Of Gyms
  • Business Intelligence Reporting On income, members and packages.
  • Member/ receptionist Login module
  • Assessment / workout and diet management with print.
  • Member expiration/ Unpaid member alert.

Modules Highlights

  • Administration Panel
  • Management Panel
  • Member Panel
  • Member Login Panel
  • NEW Point Of Sale (POS)
  • NEW Accounts Modules
  • NEW Inventory Module
  • NEW Ledger Management
  • NEW Cash / Bank / Expense Management
  • NEW POS Balance Payment
  • Invoice
  • Billing Module
  • Trainer Panel
  • Membership Expiry Alerts
  • Due Members alert
  • Gym Analytics
  • Attendance Panel
  • Check-In using Cards
  • Barcode Based Car Printing
  • Extended membership accounts
  • Export Reports to PDF,CSV,Printing

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