IVF: ART Fertility Clinic Management System

IVF is all-in-one IT solution for reproductive medicine. It allows doctors and experts in fertility centers perfect quality assurance and documentation of therapies.It is a platform that enables you to collect all data relevant to diagnostics and therapy.
It consolidates information from diverse data sources (IVF, lab, ultrasound, hormone lab, consulting room, operation room, registration desk). For this purpose, the platform can easily be adapted to the individual requirements of the respective reproductive medical center. All important data can immediately be documented and retrieved from various working areas, and all this can be done paperless. There are many challenges to master in an IVF, ART or fertility clinic. One of the many challenges is the amount of information that has to be handled.

We give you screens, print-outs and functions that work for your routines and treatment procedures.
There are also tools and functions to communicate with other information systems used at your clinic or hospital. These can be about administrative tasks, automatic registration of test result from the lab or other necessary or time saving functions.

Unique Features

  • Immediate access to all patient files for problem, case, or process-oriented documentation in the corresponding formats / media types (text, graphic, image, film, audio)
  • Data of findings, diagnoses, treatment process, treatment results, correspondence related to therapies (started / completed)
  • Holistic, integrated patient treatment
  • For navigation in comprehensive electronic patient files: suitable search mechanisms and sorting criteria (diagnoses, document types, episodes)
  • Quick statistical analysis of pre-determined conditions in all combinations (e.g. successful pregnancies per cycle, per follicle aspiration, per embryo transfer, etc., checking of the quality of results)


  • IVF History
  • Investigation & Clinical Examination
  • Systematic Examination
  • Laparoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Treatment Plan
  • OVUM Donation
  • Embryo Donation
  • Frozen Cycle
  • Donor Registration
  • Stimulation
  • HSG Triggering
  • Egg Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer & Freezing
  • Pregnancy Test
  • IVF Summary
  • Protocols
  • Protocols cycle Calender
  • Consent Forms

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