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ePatho: Online Pathology Report Delivery and Management System

Product Description

ePatho is an Online Pathology Report Delivery and Management System for Pathologists and Lab Tests Centers.ePatho is used for online report avalibility from Simple RBC test to MRI and CT Scan's.

ePatho handle large documents data like MRI and convert into jpg for fast Transmission over internet and easy availbility to Doctors or Patients.ePatho manages financial accounts of patients to Patients EMR.

Unique Features

  • Fast Report Availbility
  • Heavy Data files (Upto 100 TB )Supported with fast searching query.
  • EMR of patients
  • Lab Financial / Patient Financial Records
  • Multiple Uploads for multiple patients Supported wirth mulitple users co-currently
  • More...
“ePatho is best suited for Heavy file uploads and management”
Sharma,Pathologist :-India
“Best Pathology Report avalbility Software for online usage”
Dr.Nauasa, Doctor:-Kenya